Vehicle Detailing Packages

Vehicle Detailing at Jim Pattison Toyota Victoria 

Guaranteed Quality
Our team is trained with the highest level of automotive expertise, and are fully qualified to deliver the highest quality of vehicle detailing. We hire the most experienced and well-trained staff to ensure your vehicle is well taken care of!

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Enjoy our In-House Bistro While Detailing
Jim Pattison Toyota Victoria has partnered with Cook's Day Off for a Vista Bistro right here at our dealership! So, when you bring your vehicle in for a detailing, check out the Vista Bistro upstairs, a full service cafe with a stunning lounge and a variety of comfort food.

Benefits of Vehicle Detailing

Rejuvenate Your Vehicle's Appearance
Between the paint, chrome, wheels, tires, dashboards, carpets, seats and the shine of the chrome, your vehicle will feel like new again.

Resale Value
Extend the value of your vehicle and get maximum value when you sell or trade in your vehicle. A vehicle detailing can boost the resale price of your vehicle significantly.

Reduce Germs & Allergies
Over time, the vents, carpet and upholstery get a build up of germs and this affects your health, especially when you spend a good amount of time in your vehicle. Interior detailing will reduce buildup of dirt and allergens.

Improves Safety
Windows and mirrors can severely affect visibility when you drive, especially when the sun shines at certain angles. Clouded headlights also pose a danger to your vehicle's interaction with pedestrians and other vehicles. Vehicle detailing is a preventative measure to safe driving.

Reduce Maintenance & Repair Costs
Regularly detailing your vehicle improves the performance of your vehicle and extends the vehicle's ability to withstand wear and tear. Instead of waiting for the vehicle's parts to break, a vehicle detailing reduces your maintenance repair costs in the long run.

Look Good & Feel Good
Lastly, look good and feel good! How does it feel to drive a car that looks and smells as good as the day you bought it?

Exterior Polish Package 
Was $194.95Now $175.95* - Cars / Was $224.95 I Now $199.95* - Trucks & SUVs
The Exterior Polish Package Includes:
• Full meticulous hand washing of vehicle
• Full exterior clay barring of vehicle to remove bug, tar, sap, overspray and environmental fallout
• Rinsing of exterior to remove loosened contaminants
• 1-stage power-polish to remove minor scratches and swirl marks
• 1-stage machine glaze to enhance luster
• Highly durable paint sealant applied to paintwork and exterior glass
• Cleaning and brushing of wheels and tires
• Protective coating applied to exterior vinyl and rubber trim
• Tire dressing applied to tires
• Cleaning and buffing of windows

Showroom Exterior Detail Package 
$224.95 - Cars / $249.95 - Trucks & SUVs
The Showroom Exterior Detail Package includes the same services in our regular Exterior Polish Package, Plus:
• Full exterior compounding of vehicle to remove heavy scratches and paint defects
• Re-washing of vehicle to remove all compound residue
• Polishing of paintwork to remove compounding swirls
• Ultra-fine polish subsequently applied to paintwork for an ultimate shine
• Highly durable paint sealant is applied to all paintwork and exterior glass

Headlight Restoration Package 
$79.95 - All Vehicles
The Headlight Restoration Package includes:
• Washing and clay barring of headlights to remove bugs, tar and road fallout
• Sanding of headlights to remove the oxidized and fading plastic
• Removing sanding marks with compound polish and bring back the shine
• Polishing to refine headlights and give excellent clarity 
Highly durable sealant applied to headlights for long lasting protection

Interior Detail Package 
$194.95 - Cars / $224.95 - Trucks & SUVs
The Interior Detail Package includes:
• Full meticulous hand washing of vehicle
• Cleaning of door jambs with degreaser and soap
• Cleaning and sanitizing of all vents, consoles and instrument panels
• Full meticulous wipe down of all interior surfaces, including spare tire area
• Shampoo for all carpets, seats and floor mats
• Protective coating treatment for all vinyl and leather to protect against sun damage and rejuvenate appearance
• Cleaning of all interior and exterior windows
• Extra charge of $35.00 for dog hair removal

Premium Detail Package 
$224.95 - Cars / $249.95 - Trucks & SUVs
The Premium Detail Package includes:
• Hand washing of exterior
• Degreasing and cleaning of all tires and wheels
• Degreasing and power washing of inner fenders
• Full clay barring of paint to remove bugs, tar, tree sap, overspray and environmental fallout
• Cleaning of door jambs with degreaser and soap
• All vents, consoles and instrument panels are cleaned and sanitized
• Full meticulous wipe down of all interior surfaces (excluding spare tire area)
• All vinyl & leather treated with conditioners to protect against sun and rejuvenate appearance
• Floor mats are power washed, cleaned and dried
• All floors, seats and carpets are vacuumed
• All interior and exterior windows are cleaned
• 1-stage machine glaze to enhance luster. (Glaze will not remove scratches, it will only make paint shine.)
• Cleaning and detailing of engine compartment
• Cleaning and detailing of spare tire area
• Complimentary loaner vehicle provided

Additional Options for Premium Detail Package: 4-Stage Exterior Polish $99.95
The 4-Stage Exterior Polish service includes:
• Machine compounding to remove heavy scratches
• Machine polishing to refine paint and remove
compound twirls
• Machine finishing to refine paint to a brilliant shine
• Paint sealant applied to paintwork and glass

Steam Clean: $49.95
Steam cleaning of seats, carpets and floor mats.

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*Exterior Polish Detail Package discounted prices are available from March 1st to 31st, 2019. See Jim Pattison Toyota Victoria for complete details. Taxes not included. Please note: Results may vary by condition of vehicle.